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Custom Design

Customized jewelry is really special. If reflects you vision and intention and adds value beyond dollars. We'd love to work with you - and here's how we do it:

Step 1 – CAD Rendering

Share your ideas by calling, visiting or sending us a drawing! Use the Request a Quote button to upload your pictures!

Step 2 – Wax Mold

Once the CAD is approved, we plug the design file into a 3D printing machine. Using high-quality wax resin material, the machine grows a wax mold of your product. You can physically inspect this mold and try it on to understand how the final product will be.

Step 3 – Casting

The wax mold is then put into our oven where it is cast into your desired metal. Once cool, the raw casting is then polished and prepared for the final stage of production. At this stage, you can know how your jewelry will look before any stones are fitted.

Step 4 – Finishing

At this stage, the stones are selected and fitted into the jewelry using a microscope to ensure the stones are firmly established. All the special textures like brushing, engraving, etc. are added after the stones are placed. The product is then polished to be delivered in its pristine form.


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